Why Is It Called "Connect The Dots"?

There are several reasons why Connect The Dots got its name:

  • When Amber Shriver founded the company in 2009, the primary focus was bringing ballet performances to children's hospitals, schools, libraries, and youth centers across the DC Metro area, and thus connecting all those places and children with dance.

  • Our children's program is unique from other dance programs in that we do not have one "main" location, but rather several locations in DC and Maryland where we hold our dance classes to make it most convenient for families of small children. These children all come together to create one big performance at the end of each session, and thus connecting all of our students through dance.

  • Our professional company is filled with a dancers from diverse backgrounds and career paths, and travel from all different areas to come together and create a ballet. We have dancers from DC, Frederick, Bethesda, Centervlle, Silver Spring, Baltimore, and we've even had dancers come work with us from NYC! All of our dancers also dance with other professional dance companies in the region, and have a wide variety of other professions as well: dance teachers, choreographers, business women, yoga instructors, college professors, STEM work, and more...and thus, connecting all our professional dancers throughout the DMV and beyond.

So there you have it!

Connect The Dots Dance Company...connecting all our little dancer "dots"

throughout the DMV for almost 10 years!

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